Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Life: My First Attempt

When I first heard about Stampin' Up!'s partnership with Project Life, I was really excited. I had never tried Project Life, but I have many scrapbooks that need to be made, and it seems like this might be a way to get them done a little faster! So the other night I pulled out the supplies that I ordered and a few pictures, and got to work.

I have seen some other bloggers post their Project Life pages and share that it only took 15 minutes to put a page together. I think that could be true. For other people. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things like this, so it took me a bit longer. I probably worked on these two pages for 30-60 minutes (I wasn't really keeping track). And mine aren't finished yet. I have yet to order some of the stamps or the journaling pen that will finish these pages off, but I wanted to share this part of it with you today. I loved all the card choices for sticking in the pockets (it was hard to choose - another reason why it probably took me longer!). 

Here are my two pages:

These pictures are *only* 4 years old. You have to start somewhere, right? I decided to start scrapbooking from the time I met my husband. This was a fall hike when we were engaged. My favorite pocket turned out to be this one:

I mounted the picture at an angle on one of the Project Life cards, then trimmed the edges. The little 'LOVE' circle is a sticker that came in the accessory pack. I'm sure when I add stamps and journaling, I may go back and change or add something to the rest of it. It's kind of bland. But the pictures are the star, which is the point of any scrapbook, in my opinion.

I'll leave you with one Project Life tip today: as I was picking pictures and cards for this layout, I realized that I had quite a few full-size pictures that I wanted to use. So I didn't get out any of the 4x6 Project Life cards. That narrowed my choices down a little bit! Then I split the pictures into 4 piles - horizontal scenery pictures, horizontal people pictures, vertical scenery pictures, and vertical people pictures. That made it somewhat easier to find a good fit for each pocket.

Have you tried Project Life yet? The cards and accessories used on these pages came from the Happiness Is Project Life Cards & Accessories Pack. The rest of the Stampin' Up! styles are on my wish list! I'm sure I will have much more to share in the future!

Happy Stamping!

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