Friday, June 5, 2015

Stamps for Free?!? Yes, Please!!!

Now that the new catalog has been live for a few days, do you have a loooong wish list? I know I do! My first order barely made a dent in it. Stampin' Up! has a great deal going right now to help you out. Ready for the details?

When you purchase a starter kit now through June 30, you can pick TWO free stamp sets with your order! Here's what else you'll get, all for $99:
  • $125 worth of products (whatever you choose)
  • Business tools to help you if you'd like to start your own business (i.e. catalogs, customer order forms, etc.)
  • FREE shipping on your starter kit!!!
  • A free subscription to Stampin' Success, a bi-monthly demonstrator-only magazine that's full of ideas
  • Access to an online community of other demonstrators, who share lots of samples and ideas
  • 30% off your first order of $150+ during your first 45 days as a demonstrator and 20% off of every order after that
And don't forget those additional TWO stamp sets that you get to pick for FREE!!! There is no commitment to sell anything or to continue on as a demonstrator. This is a GREAT deal for anyone who is already planning to place an order around $100. With the starter kit, you are already getting $26 of free items, plus free shipping (which, for an order of this size, would be over $10). Add on the two free stamp sets, and how can you pass this deal up?

Of course if you are wanting to start your own business, I am here to help you do that, too. Join my team and you will also receive a welcome packet from me. If you have any questions about this deal, please contact me. I'd love to help you get a great deal and welcome you to my team! If you're ready to purchase your starter kit and get in on this awesome deal, click here.

Happy Stamping!

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